It’s a wrap!

As we wrap 2021 away I forge ahead into 2022 with a great appreciation for 2021. In 2021 loss rang louder than ever before and the need for healing became a ritual. I lost jobs, friends, family members, pets, and opportunities. It seemed like it would never end. These losses forced me out of myContinue reading “It’s a wrap!”

Taking my family for granted

We all know that families are imperfect because it’s made up of imperfect people who are all trying to figure it out. And if I’m extending grace to people I don’t share a bloodline with then I need to extend that same grace to my bloodline.  Truth be told for the longest I have takenContinue reading “Taking my family for granted”

The truth i know.

Today the storms were louder than usual and there was no where to hide. I sought refuge in the arms of men but there was no one on the other side to lift me up. So shutting my eyes seemed like the best thing hoping that when my eyes open the storm would be calm.Continue reading “The truth i know.”

Self-worth again?

Truth be told we’ve all or are still struggling with low self-esteem and it’s hard to recognize it when you’re in the thick of it. But when it’s all said and done is there room to start over again knowing your self worth?  There was a period in my life where I was norm toContinue reading “Self-worth again?”