It’s a wrap!

Release your light.

As we wrap 2021 away I forge ahead into 2022 with a great appreciation for 2021. In 2021 loss rang louder than ever before and the need for healing became a ritual. I lost jobs, friends, family members, pets, and opportunities. It seemed like it would never end. These losses forced me out of my comfort zone forcing me to long for the much easier times but it was too late. 

With all that loss I’m still here, not because of anything I did but because I found resilience in my faith. With resilience getting up each day got easier. There were still days when the recollection of what I had lost would knock me out, but I would remember that God has not forgotten me.

I’m still here and if you’re reading this you’re still here. I wish you so much resilience in the new year that will truly transform your comfort zone. And as resilience guards your path protect your energy because you are light. We need you to shine brighter like never before. 

Take care of yourself and those you love. Just remember to be present here and fight to stay here. 


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