Taking my family for granted

We all know that families are imperfect because it’s made up of imperfect people who are all trying to figure it out. And if I’m extending grace to people I don’t share a bloodline with then I need to extend that same grace to my bloodline. 

Truth be told for the longest I have taken my siblings for granted by wanting them to be who I want them to be. Judging them for not living up to my standards of what our family name represents. Then I realized something about me and that is I don’t judge my friends. Yet I’m unable to have lasting friendships where the love is not fully reciprocated. Often times they neglect to support me or when it gets difficult because of arguments they leave. And there’s the case where I’m left feeling like the bad guy, feeling as though being myself should be hidden. Yet I still desire friendships with bonds that resemble sisterhood. 

Then I’m reminded to love people where they are at and to foster the sisterhood of my bloodline. As cliche as it might sound, it took surgery for me to realize what I’ve been searching for was always there. My sisters rallied around me during my surgery and after my surgery wholeheartedly. Taking care of me, feeding me, and nursing me back to health. All of a sudden the guilt of judging them and for not accepting them the way they are rose to the surface. 

People have told me that you can have a family outside your bloodline and that’s wonderful if you can find it but I haven’t been so lucky. And I don’t believe it’s in line for me. So with the exception of toxic family situations, you might want to analyze why you choose to take for granted family members that with all your imperfections or arguments still choose you. Will you choose them? 


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