The truth i know.

Today the storms were louder than usual and there was no where to hide.

I sought refuge in the arms of men but there was no one on the other side to lift me up. So shutting my eyes seemed like the best thing hoping that when my eyes open the storm would be calm. But yet the noise grew louder. When will it stop? Why did it start? I suppose I deserve it. That’s not the point, when will it stop is the real question. Somehow the pressure is breaking me down.

The truth is this storm is pulling me into a new path. A path where fully being me is never compromised. But it’s hard. Everything inside of me is fighting against this change. Then in that moment I surrender. See my bandwidth to keep fighting something I can’t control has reached its limit. 

So this is surrender, where I let go and find a rock to stand on. Have you ever experienced whole surrender? Your heart stays fixed on God and decisions are made from a place of pure intentions. Suddenly everything you thought was ravaged by the storm no longer has dominion over you. It’s not perfect because some days the scars left by the storm sting, then you remember that you stuck it out and today you survived the storm. 


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