The Glory Days

When you closed the door on the past, a window was still open. But now the wind has changed directions bringing you back to close the window. 

Often times we hold on to memorabilia that commemorate who we once were or the best of times. But what happens when the memorabilia is damaged or lost forever? Grief sets in and you start to mourn what it represented, the glory days. After all you kept it as a reminder, you nurtured it hoping someday soon the glory days would return.

We lost our beloved dog that we acquired in our glory days, and the anguish of never seeing his perked up fun loving face anymore is reeling in all our minds. Jack knew how to light up a room even though he always appeared as the least smartest one of the dogs. Maybe that was his superpower after all. As we mourn him we can’t help but revisit the beginning of his presence. Leading us back to our glory days when things were simple, we were younger and hopeful. Then reality sets in reminding us that he’s gone and all the chance of the glory days returning are lost.

So there you are at the window, unsure that you’re ready to relinquish the past. But if you’re honest, shutting the window will bring you to a new glorious day that holds no comparison. 

RIP Jack…


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